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The Premier Land Rover Specialist in the Southeast
  • Save Up to 60% on Main Dealer Prices
  • Save Up to 60% on Main Dealer Prices
  • Save Up to 60% on Main Dealer Prices
  • Save Up to 60% on Main Dealer Prices

Underbody Protection

Land Rover's are well known for attracting rust but there is something you can do about it. Gigglepin offers an underbody protection service that uses two very different treatments to stave away those dreaded rust worms. Gigglepin works closely with a specialist to give our customers the very best in anti corrosion treatments.

Each treatment takes approximately 4 days to complete and uses wax-oil on the internal chassis, door and bulkhead cavities. We then use a fantastic product called Dinatroyl on the external components. Dinatroyl is not like wax-oil and does not wash off over time but does, however, stay slightly soft to touch and if damaged can re-seal itself making it the perfect under body protection. If you're not convinced by what you see, come and visit us and we will happily show you vehicles that have already been treated but, be warned, once you see it you will have to have it.

* We also under-seal other makes and models, call for pricing