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The Premier Land Rover Specialist in the Southeast
  • Save Up to 60% on Main Dealer Prices
  • Save Up to 60% on Main Dealer Prices
  • Save Up to 60% on Main Dealer Prices
  • Save Up to 60% on Main Dealer Prices

Gigglepin 4x4 is not just about servicing your car.

We offer a wide range of workshop and other services from checking tyre pressures to a full ground-up vehicle re-build.

We are also proud to be official fitting centres for Turner Engineering (supplier of remanufactured Land Rover engines) and Ashcroft Transmissions (remanufacturers of Land Rover gearboxes) and help many other companies with trouble shooting and continuing Research & Development.

Can't find what you are looking for? Give our team a call as they will be happy to help: 01732 463600

Accident Repair and Paintwork

Let us quote you.
Gigglepin can offer full body shop facilities if the unfortunate happens and you have an accident. We can tackle all types of insurance work and have helped many people repair there damaged vehicles over the years.

We can also repair, paint and fit new panels for any Land Rover type vehicle. Body and chassis modification are a specialty.

Bulkhead Replacement

Defender, 90, 110 and Series vehicles all sadly suffer from the rust worms and they love to destroy bulkheads. Thankfully Gigglepin are masters at the repair and replacing of these units.

We specialise in making sure that the job is carried out correctly and often recommend either flame spraying (when hot liquid zinc is sprayed on to the Bulkhead to protect it) or Galvanising (this is when the Bulkhead is dipped in hot liquid zinc) to new or rebuilt units for extra longevity.

Sometimes it is possible to repair the bulkhead without removing it from the vehicle we stock a range of quality bulkhead components that can be welded to the existing Bulkhead including door pillars, foot wells and top corners.

Commercial Vehicle Preparation

Many companies use Land Rover's as their vehicle of choice whether they are Farmers, Gamekeepers, Tree Surgeons, Farm Engineers, Environment Agency, Charity Agencies, Investment Establishments (yes really) or Local Council. Gigglepin help many companies prepare their vehicles for the extremes of the environment they are working in.

Come and speak to our team about your requirements and let us take the stress out of making the correct choices. Suspension, winches, protection, deep wading, extra seating, transmissions, automatic gearbox conversions, lighting and sound proofing are a small part of what we can offer.

Chassis Replacement

Gigglepin 4x4 are proud to use Richards' replacement chassis and work closely with them. The only chassis manufacturer to offer correct specification for the different model years, no other manufacturer comes close to the quality or price of a Richards' chassis. Available for all Defender, 90, 110, 130 and all Series vehicles including Forward Control and Lightweight.

With prices starting at £3,500 fitted, it really is a cost effective way of revitalising your Land Rover.

Fact: Did know it is perfectly legal to replace your chassis and you are not required to contact DVLA.
Fact: Did you know that Gigglepin 4x4 boss, Jim Marsden, designs Richards chassis's race chassis's and drove the Richards chassis race car to three 1st place finishes in 2010 and 2011 out of 4 starts. Including the Hound of the Baskerville Trophy, Muddy Trucker's Trophy and Santa's Muddy Revenge.


Using Land Rover based diagnostic systems Gigglepin have become well known for their skill in this field. With many other garages using our services as they struggle with complexity of the Land Rover range.

Our skilled technicians utilise T4, IDS and Hawkeye systems to pinpoint and help repair your vehicle. We also stock and sell Hawkeye diagnostic units and are happy to give instruction in the use of this system on your own vehicle.

Engine Tuning and Performance Upgrades

Many people supply tuning for Land Rover vehicles but few actually understand what they are doing. Gigglepin first started fitting remapped ECU's way back in 2000 when they became a dealer JE Engineering due to their technical knowledge and understanding of TD5 vehicles.

Since then Gigglepin have increased their range to cover a great many Land Rover's and can offer performance upgrades for the following vehicles: (If you don't see your vehicle listed, call us for pricing).

Defender 200 and 300 Tdi

Stage 2 upgrade using larger drop in style intercooler (ideal for off road use) £380 + VAT
Stage 2 upgrade with double core drop in style intercooler (really hardcore use) £420 + VAT
Stage 2 upgrade using larger full face style intercooler (ideal for fast road and towing) £420 + VAT

Discovery 200 and 300 Tdi* (expect a power increase of between 20/30%)

*Does not include late 300 with automatic transmission, call for pricing.

Stage 2 upgrade using larger drop in style intercooler (ideal for off road use) £380 + VAT
Stage 2 upgrade with double core drop in style intercooler (really hardcore use) £420 + VAT
Stage 2 upgrade using larger full face style intercooler (ideal for fast road and towing) not suitable for some air con models £550 + VAT

TD5 Engine tuning
Gigglepin are a leading light in the development of TD5 engine tuning and have been tuning them since as early as 2000.

There are many people that offer tuning for these fantastic engines although few do it correctly with most applying "Over Fueling" software to the existing factory mapping. Here at Gigglepin we actually remap the ECU itself and on early TD5's replace the management chip inside the ECU. Because we remap the ECU we can be sure that your engine will run efficiently and smoothly

Defender TD5 (Normal output from this engine is 145BHP)

Stage 1 Upgrade (186BHP) removes flat spot and makes the vehicle much more drivable £350 + VAT
Stage 2 Upgrade (198BHP) includes larger full face aluminum intercooler (perfect for those that want top performance without affecting reliability, really makes this engine sparkle) £750 + VAT

Discovery 2 TD5 (Normal engine output 145BHP)

Stage 1 Upgrade (186BHP) removes flat spot and makes the vehicle much more drivable £350 + VAT
Stage 2 Upgrade (198BHP) includes larger full face aluminum intercooler (Perfect for those that want top performance without affecting reliability, really makes this engine sparkle)

Discovery 2 TD5 with automatic transmission (normal engine output 145BHP)

It is not possible to give the automatic as much power as the manual variant this is due to the gearbox management system having a dislike to the extra pick up. However, our tuning exploits the gearbox to its maximum and allows for silky smooth power without reliability issues.

Stage 1 Upgrade (170BHP) no need to plan pulling away at junctions, this tune helps to give the car real life £350 + VAT

Stage 2 Upgrade (180BHP) includes larger full face aluminum intercooler (perfect for those that want top performance without affecting reliability, really transforms this vehicle and making it a real pleasure to drive).

If you are having any tune you might be interested in these other performance upgrades:

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve is a device that allows the engine to reburn its old exhaust gasses. This causes build ups of soot and sludge in the inlet manifold and can be problematical. The removal of the valve also allows a small gain in BHP and torque and is a favored modification for many Land Rover owners.

300 Tdi (all models)

DIY Fitting Kit - £8 + VAT
EGR Removal Kit (inc fitting) - £35 + VAT

Td5 Engines (all models)

DIY Fitting Kit - £45 + VAT
EGR Removal Kit (inc fitting) - £72.50 + VAT

Discovery 3 TDV6 (for vehicles up MY06 chassis range)

DIY Fitting Kit - £49.99 + VAT
EGR Removal Kit (inc fitting) - £77.99 + VAT

Everybody knows that catalytic convertors are restrictive. With these Downpipes you can simply remove the cat from your system and enjoy the benefits of a free flowing exhaust. This will also increase BHP and torque

Defender 300 Tdi
Non Cat Downpipe - £29.90 + VAT
Non Cat Downpipe (inc fitting) - £57.90 + VAT

Discovery 300 Tdi
Non Cat Downpipe - £59 + VAT
Non Cat Downpipe (inc fitting) - £87 + VAT

Defender TD5
Non Cat Downpipe - £65 + VAT
Non Cat Downpipe (inc fitting) - £93 + VAT

Discovery TD5 Non Cat Downpipe - £65 + VAT
Non Cat Downpipe (inc fitting) - £93 + VAT

Exhaust Manifold Modifications

TD5 Exhaust Manifold studs often break causing the exhaust gasses to leak past the gasket, cutting performance and risk damaging the head gasket and the Manifold. Gigglepin offer a solution to this that involves the replacement of the existing studs with longer units that also have a spacer block. This allows the studs to expand and contract more efficiently allowing them not to break.

When fitted by Gigglepin we also modify the manifold to allow the manifold to flex more easily. This two prong cure fixes this problem permanently.

TD5 Exhaust Manifold Stud Kit (all models) - £55 + VAT

TD5 Exhaust and Turbo Gaskets - £16 + VAT

TD5 Exhaust Manifold Stud Kit (fitted to vehicle inc extra manifold modification and gaskets) - £122.50 + VAT (does not include the removal of any broken studs)

Electrical and Wiring

When building race cars and modifying Land Rover's it is essential that the electric systems are designed and built professionally, so that they will work for years to come in the harshest environments. Gigglepin's engineers are all experienced in automotive wiring and can help you whether you desire a faulty cigar lighter repairing, a full vehicle rewire or design a bespoke wiring harmless for a new car.

We are also capable of repairing modern CanBus systems found in many of today's vehicles. Come and talk us about your requirements, or come and browse our shop which stocks a large range of electrical goods including, switches, batteries, wiring, fuses, fuse holders, relays etc...

Expedition Preparation

Planning an adventure or just a holiday away with the Land Rover? Need some advice about what to expect or what you will need? Our trained staff will happily help you make the right choices so that you get the right vehicle and package for the trip you have planned.

From roof tents and roof racks to shower systems and storage we have the knowledge to help you.

Fleet Maintenance

More than one Land Rover in the company? Or perhaps you are lucky enough to have several vehicles?

Gigglepin is happy to work out a service schedule to meet your vehicles needs so that you have a smooth running fleet that is maintained at the level you require. Speak to us with your requirements and we will happily help to give you the service you require.

Parts and Accessories

In 2009 Gigglepin opened the doors to their new Parts and Accessories Department. This 3000sqft store and shop is stacked full with great stuff for your vehicle and for you.

Whether you require an oil filter or a full roll cage we can help you.

Gigglepin has invested heavily in the last technologies so that we can operate more efficiently. Used in conjunction with Land Rover's latest Micro-cat parts system nobody is better placed to help you find the parts you are looking for. With over 3000 stock lines, we are the first choice for many professional mechanics looking to buy parts at the right prices.

We also have started stocking adventure camping gear and outdoor clothing, as well as a large range of hand and specialist tools for working on your vehicle.

We are main agents for:

  • Albright International
  • Allisport
  • ARB
  • Arbil
  • Ashcroft Transmissions
  • Bailey Morris Propshaft's
  • Bearmach
  • Curries
  • D44
  • Durite
  • Flaming Fabrications
  • Front Runner
  • Goodwinch
  • GP Winch
  • Gwyn Lewis Offroad Supplies
  • Hi-Lift
  • Interphone Communication
  • Lowa Boots
  • Matt Lee Engineering
  • Odyssey Batteries
  • Old Man Emu Suspension Systems
  • ORA Offroad Equipment
  • Performance and Protection
  • Plasma Syntactic Winch Lines
  • Quaife Engineering
  • Richards Chassis
  • Safari Snorkels
  • Turner Engineering
  • Warn and Warn Winches

And many others

Offroad and Race Preparation

Jim Marsden first started Racing Land Rover's competitively in 1999 and has been at the forefront of design and innovation in the offroad world ever since. It is not only our ability to design and manufacture the best quality components but our knowledge of other manufacturers that gives us the edge over everyone else. Come and speak to us about your requirements, whether it be a snorkel, suspension, winch or even a simple shackle.

Our shop stocks a vast range of equipment for most Land Rover types and for a host of other 4x4's.


Over the years Gigglepin has rebuilt many vehicles for lots of happy customers. Using our knowledge, we plan each stage of the rebuild and work to keep within customer's budgets and time frames.

Rebuilds can be as complex as you wish them to be and can be done to concourse condition if required. Rebuilds can also be a great time to change the shape and type of the Land Rover you own.

Perhaps you want to do something totally different and build an Ibex or Tomcat using your existing vehicle as a donor. We can even design and build one-off chassis for 6x6 conversions or campers.


Not everyone understands the benefits of good suspension, at Gigglepin we do. There are huge range of shock absorbers, springs, dampers, air-shocks, triple bypass and coilovers in this world that could be or might not be right for you. Gigglepin is experienced in helping people find the right suspension and making sure their car is set up correctly.

Gigglepin also manufacturers suspension components for offroad cars and are at the forefront leading the way in testing new and better systems on their own Team race car. We also help customers set up suspension systems for road use and for commercial use.

We are experienced in the maintenance and fitting of air suspension systems and can trace and cure faults others can't find. We are a main agent for Old Man Emu suspensions systems and carry King, DeCarbon, Toughback, Bosch and original equipment components in our stores.

Underbody Protection

Land Rover's are well known for attracting rust but there is something you can do about it. Gigglepin offers an underbody protection service that uses two very different treatments to stave away those dreaded rust worms. Gigglepin works closely with a specialist to give our customers the very best in anti corrosion treatments.

Each treatment takes approximately 4 days to complete and uses wax-oil on the internal chassis, door and bulkhead cavities. We then use a fantastic product called Dinatroyl on the external components. Dinatroyl is not like wax-oil and does not wash off over time but does, however, stay slightly soft to touch and if damaged can re-seal itself making it the perfect under body protection. If you're not convinced by what you see, come and visit us and we will happily show you vehicles that have already been treated but, be warned, once you see it you will have to have it.

* We also under-seal other makes and models, call for pricing

Underbody Protection Gallery

Click an image to enlarge.

Vehicle Health Checks

At Gigglepin we work closely with customers to make certain that your vehicle kept in top condition. Because of the extended service intervals enjoyed by modern vehicles it makes sense to have a check over between services to make sure everything is in good working order.

Book a visit and we will happily check over your vehicle and make sure that it continues to give trouble free service. We do not charge for this service and see it as vital part of our continuing customer care.

Warn and ARB

Warn Industries have been making winches and offroad equipment for over 50 years and continue to be world leaders in their field. Their huge range of kit for different makes and models of vehicles is as impressive as their history. Gigglepin are a main stockiest for Warn and carry a range of winches and recovery equipment that can be fitted to a huge range of vehicles. ARB is an Australian company with a big reputation, well known for their superb bull bars, air lockers, compressors, suspension and recovery kit their quality is superb beaten by none.

Gigglepin stocks a large range of ARB equipment and suspension, come down to the shop and see if you can find an Australian legend for your car.

Welding and Fabrication

Gigglepin trained staff are experts at fabrication and welded repair. We are equally at home repairing a Series vehicle, replacing a Discovery floor or fabricating race cars. We modify and fit chassis components including outriggers, rear cross members, front chassis dumb irons, quarter chassis, half chassis and the rail sections themselves.

We also carry out modification work to vehicles and can fit winch cross members, winch trays, roll cages or seat frames. The list of items that can be under taken is endless, call us for a quotation and free advice.

Wheels and Tyres

Often the vehicle we own does not have the right Wheels and Tyres for the job in hand.

Come and chat to us about your requirements, whether it be for normal road use, winter tyres, professional use, offroading or hardcore offroad racing we can find the best wheels and tyres to suit you.

We are stockiest for and carry in stock tyre brands such as:
  • Pirelli
  • Kuhmo
  • Michelin
  • B F Goodrich
  • Simex
  • Maxxis
  • Interco