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The Premier Land Rover Specialist in the Southeast
  • Save Up to 60% on Main Dealer Prices
  • Save Up to 60% on Main Dealer Prices
  • Save Up to 60% on Main Dealer Prices
  • Save Up to 60% on Main Dealer Prices


Using Land Rover based diagnostic systems Gigglepin have become well known for their skill in the diagnostic field. With many other garages using our services as they struggle with complexity of the Land Rover range. Our skilled technicians utilise T4, IDS and Hawkeye systems to pinpoint and help repair your vehicle.

At Gigglepin we are able to accurately diagnose all Land Rover products that utilise an ECU (electronic control unit). This does not only include the engine ECU, but ABS control units, body control units and many other functions within your vehicle. From a simple fault code to complex fault finding or the installation of new components, we have the technology in house to repair your vehicle. This application of technology saves you the customer time and money and enables our technicians to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

Top end diagnostic computers are also required when installing new components as many ECU's need to be configured to the vehicle to ensure smooth operation.

If you suspect an issue with your vehicle that requires diagnostic attention please give us a call on 01732 463600 and we will look into the problem for you and advise on solutions. We also stock and sell Hawkeye diagnostic units and are happy to give instruction in the use of this system on your own vehicle.

Fact: A current Land Rover Discovery 4 has over 100 separate ECU's making up its electrical system.

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