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The Premier Land Rover Specialist in the Southeast
  • Save Up to 60% on Main Dealer Prices
  • Save Up to 60% on Main Dealer Prices
  • Save Up to 60% on Main Dealer Prices
  • Save Up to 60% on Main Dealer Prices

The Defender (including its earlier variants) is the mainstay of Land Rover's utility vehicle market. We have a vast experience of working on this vehicle, in all its forms, from a standard road going car to full off road competition spec trucks. Our servicing program is designed to give the owner the peace of mind and the confidence that their vehicle is safe and reliable to carry on driving, whether it be on or off road.

Our enhanced annual service program includes the following items: engine oil & filter change, fuel & air filter change, gearbox & transfer box oil change (where applicable), new wiper blades, check & top up (if required) of axle oils, steering , brake & clutch fluids, top up of windscreen wash, brake inspection & clean, greasing of prop shafts and steering linkages, tappet setting and auxiliary belt change (on pre 1998 vehicles) and our full 140 point vehicle check over.

200Tdi (1990-1994) £260.00 £312.00
300Tdi(1994-1998) £270.00 £324.00
TD5(1998-2007) £270.00 £324.00
2.4L Puma (2007 on) £280.00 £336.00

Prices are correct as at 1st October 2012. Prices may change without prior notice. Please note that this price covers service items only, any other works required will be carried out at our normal hourly rate.

Land Rover Defender Land Rover Defender Land Rover Defender